Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fondant Course Week 2

When I signed up for this Fondant class at Michaels, the store employee failed to give me the instructions on what to bring to class on the first week. Well I apparently was not the only one this happened to as only 1 out of 10 of us had the supplies for last weeks class. So we mostly just watched our teacher, Dhanya demonstate how to roll, measure and cover a cake with fondant. We talked with us about making fondant and that kind of stuff too.

Last nights class was the Week 2 class. We came to class with our cakes already covered with fondant and ready to decorate. The cake was to be a practice cake and not a pretty finished cake because we were practicing 4 styles on 1 cake. It was pretty fun and not too hard. When I got home and looked at my cake, it looked like it wanted to be I spent about 30 minutes adding more details and flowers. One side has 1/4 inch boarders and swag and then at home I did the other side in 1/8 inch boarders and swag... I like the 1/8 inch much better. This cake is an example of the draping technique, kerchief, 1/4 inch trim and swags and then 1/8 inch trim and swags. The flowers are just basic flower cookie cutters, nothing special. Next week we will be making gumpaste flowers! YAY not too bad for a first cake!!

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Sheryl Karas said...

Did you make these? "Nothing special"? I think they're great!

People are going to love these!