Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Red Velvet

This is a cake that I frosted and decorated in under about 30 minutes while teaching course 1! This is a Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting. The roses are made of chocolate buttercream. Had I had more time I could have cleaned up the edges a bit... made it all a bit smoother, but over all I am pleased. Cream cheese frosting is very temperamental...melts very quickly! My mother in law and the family ate the cake tonight... they LOVED it. By far one of the best tasting cakes I have had! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dusting & Steaming Roses...And flower Cupcakes today!

These are the same roses from my earlier post. Today I brushed them with petal dust and steamed them. I love the way they look, the pictures do not do them justice.

Vanilla cup cakes frosted with Swiss Meringue Butter Cream...Yummmy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gumpaste Roses

I bought a cool Rose petal cutter set from England a few weeks back and tried it out the last few evenings. I am pretty pleased with how the roses turned out, although I still need to brush them with luster dust and steam them a bit. I may do that tonight or tomorrow.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Berry Bonanza

Inspired by cousin Julie... I brought it to Nate's graduation celebration yesterday. Was a big hit.
Vanilla bean cake, chocolate butter cream and raspberry filling with an English butter cream frosting on the out side.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Relay for Life & Cupcakes


Yummy Cupcakes

Yummy Cupcakes

Hope for a CURE

The Survivors Lap

Purple People Walkers

My son dressed as the Purple People Walker

We did it! We made it! 24 hours in the 100 degree weather was a small price to pay for all the good that comes from these relays. We arrived at 7:00am Saturday and were packed up and back home about 11:00am Sunday. We walked a lot, helped fundraise at the event and had a chance to catch up with some old friends. My team was made up of 3 of my best friends in high school and our friends and families. We never would have imagined 20 years ago that our friendship would bring us together for such a worthy cause. We will be back as a team and also as committee chair people next year. We had an amazing fun filled 24 hours. I think Jake and I actually dozed off about 3:30am and were back up and out of the tent at 7:00 am for the Lions Club pancake breakfast. Adam thankfully was at the event most of the time but stayed home over night with our dogs.

We are all mentally and physically exhausted, and also extremely over come with gratitude. Thank you all for your love, support and donations.

My son and I made 70 cupcakes with the Relay for Life Logo on them. 1/2 chocolate with a vanilla English butter cream and 1/2 natural vanilla bean cupcakes with a vanilla Swiss Meringue butter cream. The fondant logo cut outs are Satin Ice white fondant that we tinted purple and flavored with blue raspberry flavoring. They were a bit hit with all the Relayers!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My sons 8th grade graduation cake

Ta Da! Finished and on the table!



Wrestling Mat and Headgear



The top cake was a collage of Jake's favorite things over the past 9 years.
This is a lethal chocolate peppermint cake with peppermint butter cream, chocolate peppermint ganache and marbled blue fondant. A lot of fun making this cake, although it was a mess to serve because I did not have enough room in the fridge to keep it cold until serving. The butter cream under the fondant in a warm house is probably not the best! :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Final Final Final Final! I'm done with my Wilton Courses!

This cake turned out pretty much how I wanted it...give or take a hair. Lots of fun baking and making the cake and good therapy making all those flowers. This was officially my course final for my 4 months of decorating school. My teacher Dhanya is so supportive, very helpful and is an amazing decorator her self. I will miss Wednesday nights with her. I thank her for all of the patience and tips she has given me. She is a wonderful lady!
The cake design came from http://www.peggyporschen.com/

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Course 2 Week 2

I had a blast this week making this cake. It is a "Lethal Peppermint Chocolate Cake" All the fondant is Pettinice brand. I found it is incredibly easy to work with. The pink has some tylos mixed with it to make it dry faster. I am satisfied with this cake. My son said it tasted great!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wilton Course 2 final

Last night was our final class for course 2. The basket weave is not as hard as it looks it is just time consuming. The flowers I made ahead of time using Royal Icing.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I made this for my son and my husband. I'm sure there will be plenty left over to take to work tomorrow if I can get it out of their hands! :)

All the fondant is home made marshmallow fondant and all the figurines and decorations are either fondant or gum paste of a combination of the two. This is a vanilla bean cake with chocolate ganche filling and vanilla butter cream under the fondant.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fondant Bunny - first try

OK... I could not find very good direction via youtube on making a fondant bunny... so I attempted to replicate a picture I saw... It turned out OK... I am not as fond of him as I am the chicks... but hey...practice makes perfect. I found a video for a different bunny today... I shall try again tonight!